The Pished Fish

Oval and Herne Hill markets

The Pished Fish - Booze Infused Smoked Salmon.

Spawned from a love of curing and smoking meat, James Eagle decided to try his hand at curing and cold smoking salmon. The results were fantastic and he eventually gave in to pressure from friends and family to make a business out of it. Inspired by working in Scandinavia where the combining of alcohol in the cure is common in gravlax, there is plenty of room for experimentation with different flavours and different wood smoke combinations.

Look for The Pished Pirate - salmon cured in spiced rum and grated ginger, smoked over oak and glazed with molasses. Or perhaps something more 'zingy'? Try their gin, citrus zest and dill cured salmon, lightly smoked over apple and alder wood, perfect with some sourdough, watercress and their mustard and dill sauce. Come and find James and Hermione (his long suffering vegan girlfriend) at Oval on Saturdays. and Herne Hill every other Sunday.