Syrup Junkie

Herne Hill Market

Born in South East London in 2014, Syrup Junkie arrived when cocktail bartender Laszlo wanted some more natural flavoured syrups for his creations and enlisted keen cook girlfriend Corene to get creating.

Using all natural ingredients sourced from local and British suppliers whenever possible, fair-trade sugar and charcoal filtered water all the syrups are made in small batches and hand bottled and labelled. Flavours include our best seller Hibiscus, Chilli, Cardamon, Real Earl Grey, Vanilla and our Great Taste award winning Ginger as well as new and seasonal flavours on a regular basis.

All bottles of syrup are sold with a recipe card to get you started with your own experimenting, not only with cocktails, but all kinds of hot and cold drinks and kitchen creations. Mocktails are also available at the markets, so quench your thirst with one of our yummy varieties, made to order at our market stand.