Salim Patel

Herne Hill Market

Geologist and jeweller Salim Patel offers a wide range of Earth treasures on his Prehistoric Presents stall.

From pocket-money fossils to specimen minerals, each item comes with scientific information to encourage people of all ages to find out more about their purchase. Salim also sells billion years old meteorites, “Cosmic Shrapnel”, as well as stone age artefacts and the remains of Ice Age mammoths. Here you will also find your polished and natural Crystal Healing rocks. His children’s party/gift bags containing petrified dinosaur poo and other exciting fossils and minerals were recently featured in the Guardian Christmas Gift guide and are available on his website.

Salim also designs and makes his own unique range of hand made jewellery:
• Gemstones embedded in resin to enhance their natural beauty
• Insect Jewellery
• Solid silver fossil jewellery
• Bespoke and “up-cycled” jewellery

See his website for further information: