Nutural World

Alexandra Palace Market

Nutural World was founded in 2013, to manufacture and sell a range of nut butters and spreads. From inception, the company adhered to the following principles regarding its products:
- Their taste is exceptionally good
- They are 100% vegan
- There is no added oil, sugar salt or artificial flavours in any of our products

From a very humble start, Nutural World presence and fame is growing at a fast pace. In addition to an online shop, Nutural World is proud to has a regular place at Alexandra Palace farmers market. Their products are also sold in some shops and delicatessen in North West London and Hertfordshire.

Their range is very comprehensive, from the inexpensive and common seed butters (e.g. sunflower and pumpkin) to the high end and unusual nut butters (e.g. Macadamia, Pecan, Pistachio and Pine nut). In the last few months they started to introduce spreads that are nut based, with some additional fruit or another nut. In that range they currently have Almond and Coconut, Hazelnut and Carob and Sesame and Dates. They are amazingly tasty and are fast becoming best sellers, with an increasing number of regular customers coming back week after week for their ‘must have’ supply. Their slogan is ‘Bringing Nuts to Life’ – and they look forward to bring some into yours!