Join Us

See below for details on how to apply. If not all your questions are answered please don’t hesitate to email us or call the office on 020 8302 9010.



1: We will need to ascertain whether what you make/grow/produce/sell will be right for us

The best way to find out is to send us a brief email attaching your produce list or menu (this must include ingredients which shoud be locally sourced where possible). It is also useful if you can attach photos of your produce and stall set up. If all looks good we will then send you an information pack. Please note that even if you have a great product we may not have space at the market you are interested in, in which case you will be invited to join our waiting list.

2: Provide us with samples

In the majority of cases we will require samples of your produce which will be panel tested. These can either be brought to our offices or you can arrange to drop them off at certain markets. All samples should be clearly labelled with ingredients and contact details.

3: Completing your registration

If your samples are approved and you have not already completed our registration forms you must do so now. We will need evidence you have the following:

– A Food Hygiene/Safety Certificate which is less than two years old

– A completed registration with your local council as a food producer

– Public & Product Liability Insurance up to £5 million.

If you have any queries about this please ask when you contact us.


1: We will need to approve your arts & crafts

You will need to send or email us photos of your work (and stall set up if you have any) to be okayed to start with. If you do not make the items yourself they will need to be FairTrade or similar – and we we will need as much information as possible on where they are sourced. If all is okay we will send you our information pack. NB if you make your own skincare products you will need to provide samples – please email us to arrange this.

2: Completing your registration

You will now need to complete our Registration Form and return it to us. You will also need proof of the following:

– Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million (we have further information on this if you require it). NB – You will need combined Public & Product Liability Insurance up to £5 million if you make your own skincare or similar plus proof your products have been tested.

Please click here for our contact details.

Jobs at City & Country Farmers’ Markets

From time to time we have vacancies for market managers and assistants. Please email your CV to Chris if you are interested in joining us.