Drum & Kernel Popcorn

Alexandra Palace and Herne Hill markets.

Drum & Kernel are London's kettle popcorn people, making high-quality sweet-and-salty gourmet popcorn live at markets and events in a giant stainless steel kettle.

Their popcorn is high quality, always fresh and incredibly moreish. The kernels are mixed with molten sugar and pop at over 200 degrees to produce a huge, crisp popcorn which the sugar caramelises around. They then pour it out, sift it through to get rid of any unpopped kernels and those annoying bits that get stuck in your teeth, give it a dusting of salt, and bag it up fresh. Their popcorn is vegan, gluten- and nut-free and made with non-GM corn. They make all their popcorn live at markets, creating a large amount of noise and an amazing sugary smell which travels down the street!

They attend a mix of regular markets including regular pitches at Herne Hill Farmers Market and Alexandra Palace Farmers' Market, as well as a range of pop-up cinema and other events and festivals all over London throughout the year.