Quilting Mafia

Herne Hill Market

Quilting Mafia is an independent design studio based in London founded by designer, artist and educator Elizabeth Oniri.

Quilting Mafia design and produce Homeware and ladies accessories all her pieces are handmade and are either one-offs or limited edition collections, which are made from recycled, new and gifted fabrics. All pieces are either made using a sewing machine or by hand. She only uses natural fabrics to create just because she loves the way in which they feel and how they respond to manipulation. Elizabeth also runs workshops in schools and museums and accepts commissions.


Sarah Morgan

Herne Hill Market

Sarah makes collograph prints which are often inspired by feelings, adventures, memories, love and other emotions.

Each collograph plate is made up of mountboard, tape, glue and sometimes carborundum. Sarah then then scratches and cuts away pieces of the mountboard until she has he image she wants. She mixes up ink for each printing session then inks up each plate by hand with sticky ink. Then the ink is wiped back so it only remains in the scratched lines and the cut away board adding colour by a technique known as a la poupee. The plate is then put onto a printing press and pulled through with dampened paper on top. This whole inking up process has to be repeated for each print thereafter which is why prints can vary a little in colour making each print unique and original which is all part of their charm.


More Jewellery

Herne Hill and Alexandra Palace markets

More Jewellery is run by two Silversmith students Elisabeth and Patricia.

On their stall you will find rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cuff links and brooches, all individually designed and handmade.  Each piece is unique. The materials are principally silver and also include precious and semi-precious stones.

Elisabeth and Patricia are happy to take commissions.

Jan Pateman

Herne Hill Market

Jan Pateman is a local artisan potter who has lived and worked in South London for the past 35 years. She makes beautiful, simply-decorated, functional ceramics; bowls, plates, mugs, jugs, oil bottles and vases. All her work is thrown and finished by hand, then glazed in her workshop less than a mile from Herne Hill Market.

Farmers' Market artisan foods look and taste better served on hand-made pottery. Don't just take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

Catherine Patton

Herne Hill Market

Catherine has been selling vintage decorative items including home-ware & unusual gifts at Herne Hill for over 3 years. Items include jewellery, textiles, buttons, mid-century glass, and refurbished and hand made environmentally friendly items.

Catherine also has three Etsy online shops selling antique & vintage art, unusual quirky items ideal for home or business, fabrics & craft items, clothing & jewellery. Catherine also has a PGCE and years of teaching experience, partly in museums and is available for delivering craft workshops for all ages in jewellery making using vintage materials, prices on request.