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The Beer Seller

Alexandra Palace Market

Jason Clarke set up The Beer Seller in the spring of 2014, with the aim of making the best of the the UK and in particular the burgeoning London craft beer scene, as easily available as possible. An avid home brewer and a passionate evangelist for UK craft beer, Jason was keen to be able to tell people a little more about the beers he was selling online and the Beer Seller stall was born. The Beer Seller stall at Alexandra Palace offers over 50 different beers from a revolving cast of London breweries, with guest breweries and ales being added on a regular basis. Having undertaken the arduous task of visiting and tasting each and every beer before offering them on sale at the stall, Jason is able and only too willing to offer advice on making those perfect food and beer pairings.

Stripey Squirrel

Herne Hill Market

Stripey Squirrel is a unique little clothing line for babies and toddlers, all about saving waste, upcycling and reusing lovely fabrics and materials that need a new lease of life. They make everything themselves using second hand and pre-loved clothing so each piece is one of a kind.

There's a wide selection of trousers, leggings, skirts, shorts and tops ranging from new born sizes to approximately 4 years old. They also love doing commissions using that old jumper or dress you have gathering dust in your wardrobe and transforming it into something for a special little person!

Check out their website or Etsy shop to see the range or to get it touch, or follow them on Facebook.

Vadasz Deli

Alexandra Palace Market

Vadasz Deli specialise in lactic Acid fermentation - their sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles are traditionally cured using English cabbage, natural salt and spices. Based in Hackney, East London, they have been brining since 2011.

Their recipes are inspired by their family’s history and Hungarian Jewish heritage. their New Greens/1/2 Sours are based on the pickles Nick Vadasz’s Grandmother would make every the summer and have been received with great enthusiasm at the markets, respecting a long but now diminishing tradition of Jewish delis serving such pickles in London.

Fascinated by the taste and smell of sauerkraut and pickles from an early age, Nick is still excited by them and the magical process of lactic acid fermentation; transforming simple vegetables into something special; adding value, taste and preserving tradition.

Pickles, especially Sauerkraut and Kimchi, are original value added food heroes and there is also a growing interest in the health benefits of krauts and kimchis and the role of good bacteria in our diets.

Comptoir Gourmand

Alexandra Palace and Herne Hill markets.

Homemade traditional French Patisserie handcrafted by expert pastry chefs, all their creations are made using traditional French recipes with the finest attention to detail. Only those made to the highest standard will be delivered to their stalls! From mouth watering lemon meringue tart to perfect tea-time pistachio financier, they have treats for everyone.

They are also very proud to be featured amongst London Top 50's Bakeries and cake shops by the Evening Standard. Visit the Comptoir Gourmand stall to discover an incredible range of irresistible delights.

More Jewellery

Herne Hill and Alexandra Palace markets

More Jewellery is run by two Silversmith students Elisabeth and Patricia.

On their stall you will find rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cuff links and brooches, all individually designed and handmade.  Each piece is unique. The materials are principally silver and also include precious and semi-precious stones.

Elisabeth and Patricia are happy to take commissions.