About Us

City & Country Farmers Markets is a family-run business whose mission is to develop markets offering top-quality locally-sourced produce and unique crafts across London.

The business was established in 2001 by Chris Elder who comes from a large family of food lovers and is a veteran in the food development market. His first sortie into the world of food was in 1986 when he set up a company producing high-quality vegetarian ready meals which he then sold to Cranks Restaurant chain.

By 1998 Chris had set up a consultancy advising bakeries and chilled foods companies specialising in organic production and spotted the demand from consumers to shop more locally. In a bid to meet this demand Chris set up City & Country in 2001 holding his first successful Farmers’ Market in the grounds of Dulwich College in south London.

Not long after in 2003 he was joined by his daughter Sophie who wanted to help grow the business and assist with the day-to-day running and organisation of the markets. With a degree in fashion and textiles and experience in fashion retail, Sophie runs the Arts & Crafts section of the company as well as creating her own textile pictures in her spare time.

Sophie is involved in the running of all of City & Country’s markets across London and the development and design of the company’s retail brand.

Both Chris and Sophie are ably-assisted by a close-knit team of staff including friendly Lawrence the Operations Manager and efficient local managers who can often be seen at our various markets across London.