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We organise 10 Farmers' Markets at present in
various locations in London and the South East.
Our aim is to spread the word that choosing
local produce is better. You know exactly where
it comes from and you can even meet the person
who grew, raised or made your produce!
Supporting small scale producers is also good for
our economy and the more people buy locally,
the more cost of this great quality produce will

Choosing to shop at a Farmers' Market instead of
a supermarket is also better for the environment
- we make sure none of the produce on offer
comes from more than a 100 mile radius of the
market which can only be a good thing.
Obviously certain items such as olives cannot be
grown locally but we ensure that we know
exactly where they are grown and who produces

See a list of our markets to the left for further
details of dates and what is on offer at each

So, make sure you support your local
Farmers' Market... remember, it relies
on your support!

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