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At City & Country Farmers' Markets we are
passionate about ALL good quality food and
produce - obviously local is best but certain
items just cannot be made or grown in this
country. That is why we decided to start holding
Fine Food Fairs, where items are available such
as wine from Portugal, French cheeses and
Italian olive oils.

We set the same high standards here as we do at
our Farmers' Markets - for example, all produce
must come from small businesses ( a lot of these
will be family run) and the person selling the
produce must have had a hand in making,
growing or producing it. We also sample all
items to make sure they are of a high enough
quality. Our first Fine Food Fair was held in
Cornmill Gardens, Lewisham, in June 2008,
which proved very popular. We have put further
fine food fairs on hold for the time being to
concentrate on our farmers' markets however
we have some very exciting projects in the
pipeline such as a real ale and artisan cheese
festival planned for 2013!

If you are a fine food producer and would like to
attend one of these events then please contact
us here with details of your produce.
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